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Heavy Rain -uutisointi linkkeinä ja lainauksina

Ajattelin, että olisi mielenkintoista tutkia Heavy Rainin uutisointia pelin pitkän kehityksen varrella. Ohessa koottuna parhaita & olennaisimpia artikkeleita. Lainaukset ovat käsikirjoittaja David Cagelta, ellei toisin mainita.

Groundbreaking new title for PlayStation 3 (
Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios has announced it’s collaborating with developer Quantic Dream on a game that will “redefine cinematic realtime entertainment; setting a new benchmark in delivering emotionally compelling experiences to gamers.”

Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain an emotional breakthrough (The Globe and Mail)
"Most decision makers in this industry only consider concepts that have already been developed before. When you try to come up with something really different, they look at you like you are (a) totally nuts, (b) an alien, or, (c) perfectly stupid. You know, 'Why try something different when we could sell so many GTA clones to these stupid teenagers out there?'

Heavy Rain: David Cage Interview (Video Games Daily)
"I developed this technique I call 'banding stories', that is about considering my story like a rubber band that the player can stretch and deform based on his actions. So the story's always there, the rubber band is still the same, but you can change its shape and length based on what you do."

Dreaming of a New Day: Heavy Rain's David Cage (Gamasutra)
"I thought Uncharted was very interesting. There was some very, very interesting aspects to it. The big difference between Uncharted and what we're doing here is that Uncharted was still structured like a video game. It gives you a bit of story, then action, then a bit of story, then action - like porn movies, when you think about it."

First Details: PS3 ‘Adult Thriller’ Heavy Rain (Wired)

Preview: 'Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer' (Digital Spy)
"I don't pretend that Heavy Rain will allow you to do absolutely anything, even the most stupid things, just for the sake of saying you can. But it will offer a solid story in which players will feel emotionally immersed and will have the freedom to do whatever makes sense in the context of the story."

Heavy Rain Producer Lashes Out Against Hollywood Actors (Softpedia)
“Actors and their agents often have so little consideration for games that the only discussion you can have is how much money for how much time. No one cares about what you try to achieve, they very rarely agree to invest time and energy in their part, all they want is a maximum amount of money for a minimum amount of time, and ideally, on a game that won’t hurt their image too much”

Interview: David Cage of Quantic Dream and Heavy Rain (Joystiq)
"To me, Heavy Rain is much more of a journey rather than an investigation where you need to connect clues and blah, blah, blah. I don't care ... there are so many games that do that really well. I really wanted to focus on the journey. That is unusual and it is probably difficult to see what I mean in saying that, but you will get it when you play the game, hopefully."

David Cage Interview (NowGamer)
"We shot about a year of motion capture, every day. That’s about the same as three or four movies. We worked with 70 actors, we spent a year doing casting sessions and interviewed over 300 actors for the roles, because we wanted real actors and we wanted to use everything about them: their face, their body movements and voices."

Heavy Rain: the David Cage interview [varoitus: yrittää avata mainos-pop-up-ikkunoita] (GamesRadar)
"Game Over is a very frustrating game convention. In short, it means 'if you were not good enough or did not play the game the way the designer intended you to play, you should play again until you do it right.' What kind of story could a writer tell where the characters could play the same scene ten times until the outcome is right? I wanted to solve both issues, the gameplay frustration and the narrative dead end, by seeing if I could get rid of these sequences and treating death like an event in the story that would not prevent it from continuing. Some movies and novels have done that in the past, I thought it was worth a try. ;-)"

20.8.2009 Heavy Rain's David Cage wants to set the record straight on QTEs (Joystiq)
"No! We don't make Dragon's Lair! This is not Dragon's Lair – do you think I'm crazy? I'm not stupid. Do you think I develop on PlayStation 3 to do Dragon's Lair again? It would be absurd. Of course it's not."

28.8.2009 DLC Could Enhance the Story of Heavy Rain, Developer Says (Softpedia)
"We are talking with Sony at the moment about having maybe extra downloadable content, maybe with prequels or sequels about the characters. I'm sure people will get attached to some of them and will want to know them even better.”

Developer explains 'Heavy Rain' delay (Digital Spy)
"The first and most important reason [for the delay] was the fact that I don't think that such an innovative game like Heavy Rain and a new franchise should be released at the end of the year in the crowded period when everyone’s releasing their games" - Guillaume de Fondaumiere

Caged Emotion (Eurogamer)
"What we try to do with Heavy Rain is to feel what the characters on screen feel, to put you in their shoes, in their situations, and to make choices for them, to feel their emotions. I don't think there are good emotions and bad emotions, videogames so far have just explored the adrenaline side and frustration and competition. But there are many other emotions that are triggered very successfully in movies, in television series, in novels, in theatre, in poetry, in painting. Why would videogames just be limited to anger and fear? I can't see any reason for that."

No plans for Heavy Rain sequel (
"I don't want to do a sequel because I've said what I had to say about these characters and this story. Honestly, I have nothing else to say."

Heavy Rain Aims to Liberate Game Controls (Wired)
"To tell a diverse story, you need a hero capable of doing anything. One button needs to control an infinite number of different things in different contexts."

Heavy Rain's David Cage (Eurogamer)
"I'm really pleased with most of the things I've read. I was expecting more polarised reactions and probably with a different ratio, I was expecting some kind of 50/50 between the people believing this is great, and the people saying 'why doesn't the hero have a gun'."

Heavy Rain's David Cage done with his thriller 'trilogy' (Joystiq)
"Heavy Rain is the end of my personal trilogy trying to tell the same type of stories with serial killers and stuff, in the thriller genre."

18.2. & 26.2.2010
Kansa kysyy: Heavy Rain - osa 1 & osa 2 (Virallinen PlayStation-sivusto)
"David kirjoitti 2 300 sivua käsikirjoitusta ja hänen oli todella keskityttävä, sillä halusimme antaa pelaajalle mahdollisimman paljon vaihtoehtoja ja tunteen täydellisestä hallinnasta. Toisaalta kaiken piti pysyä tietyissä rajoissa ja tarinan täytyi olla järkevä. Se oli pitkä ja vaikea prosessi." - Guillaume de Fondaumièrelle

Heavy Rain (PS3) - New Trophy Stragegy Revealed (BSCreview)

Heavy Rain Week: David Cage Interview Part One & Part Two (PLAY Magazine)
"We cut three scenes. We had questions internally about these scenes and we were discussing them for the last six months. Some people defending them on the team, other people saying they’re more confusing than really adding anything to the experience. Then we did a user test session with twenty people playing the game; the feedback was unanimous – ‘You know what? These scenes don’t work’. They were all right at the beginning and they were making the beginning of the game too slow. So we took the information back to the office and just cut the scenes."

Haastattelussa David Cage (Gamereactor Suomi)
"Tarinan kirjoittaminen vei minulta yhden vuoden, minkä jälkeen olimme vasta aloittaneet pelin kehityksen. Tuosta eteenpäin osallistuin koko prosessiin, kuten oikeiden näyttelijöiden löytämiseen, käyttöliittymän suunnitteluun ja muuhun sellaiseen."