sunnuntaina, heinäkuuta 23, 2006

Uusi Babylon 5 -projekti on...

"WB came to him as they do periodically wanting to do something with B5. They asked if he wanted to do a feature film but JMS declined mainly because he can’t yet picture structuring a B5 movie “…as long as Andreas and Rick insist on staying dead.” Maybe in a year or two he’ll be able to but right now he can’t do something big. What JMS suggested was a bunch of short films—little mini-movies, an anthology show set in the Babylon 5 universe. They said, “Okay.” There’s a network already interested in carrying them but they’re also planned for direct to DVD. This will be “Babylon 5 – The Lost Tales’, a lot of small stories that never made it into the series that he’s rediscovered notes for. And JMS wants no interference, complete creative support – in writing. They said, “Okay.” And JMS wants to direct them. They said, “Okay.” The first will be three individual stories about three of the main characters (to be determined). The plan is to shoot in September, post-production Oct.-Dec. and they’ll probably come out the second quarter of 2007."

Kuulostaa hyvältä. Erittäin positiivista tässä on se, että a) tämä on live action -kamaa ja pääosassa ovat sarjasta tutut naamat ja b) studio ei pysty sekaantumaan JMS:n työhön. Huonohkoa tässä voi olla se, jos noissa ei nähdä kuin yhtä tuttua naamaa per filmi. Mietin myös, kuinka pitkiä nuo ovat. "Short films" kuulostaa 20-30 minuutin jutuilta. Olisi kiva jos olisivat olleet normaalijakson pituisia, mutta noh. Ensiksi mieleen tulevat top-3-hahmot, joita haluaisin nähdä, olisivat Sheridan, Garibaldi ja Londo.

"JMS sold a movie to Ron Howard. It’s a thriller/mystery movie set in the ‘20s
in Los Angeles. They want to get it into production as fast as possible and JMS
is flying up there on the 3rd to meet with Ron Howard and those guys to go over the script and make sure everything is where it needs to be. It’s going to be a big budget film. Ron Howard is a nice guy. The first time JMS had a phone conference with him about the script, JMS called him Mr. Howard and the reply was “You hired my dad on Babylon 5, you can call me whatever you want.” Possibly it could be in production by the first part of next year."

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