torstaina, huhtikuuta 06, 2006

Sir Uwe Boll

"He approaches actors at the very last minute when they are between productions and uncertain where their next job is coming from. And they are invariably willing to take even small parts for an easy paycheque. 'If you go really late to actors you actually save money,' he says. 'Genre movies are not the actor's first pick in general. But if you wait, a lot of actors are still available.'" - Uwe Boll -artikkeli

Bloodraynesta:"He also boasted that the $18 million (10 million pound) film is doing very well in several parts of the world and is on the top 10 lists in Russia, the Middle East and Thailand. But Boll said U.S. moviegoers can now only catch it in five cinemas. 'I'm super-sad about it.'"

"It's tough to do this kind of genre and not get grilled. On the other hand it's exactly the kind of movie they (the video game fans) want to see. I've had this conversation with audiences at festivals, 'What kind of movie are you waiting for? "Bambi III"?'"

"The only thing that will stop me from making movies is not getting the financing any more," said Boll. "As long as we can sell them around the globe then it cannot be so wrong what we're doing," he added.

Lähde: Reuters